Union Square

Shopmobility at Union Square

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Currently Closed

Shopmobility Aberdeen is a charity whose aim is to increase independence, freedom, self esteem and choice for people with disabilities. 

We are a service dedicated to helping anyone with a mobility difficulty, be it temporary or permanent, who wishes to visit Aberdeen city centre to conduct business, enjoy our many visitor and cultural attractions or to visit the city's wide variety of shops, leisure and business services. 

We offer assistance to anyone experiencing a mobility or sensory impairment. 

By providing the loan of a battery powered scooter, a battery powered wheelchair or a manual wheelchair to help ease your walking difficulty, and the assistance of a volunteer escort if required. Shopmobility Aberdeen is about freedom to get about the city centre. 

Scooters and wheelchairs are available from the Shopmobility centre free of charge. Shopmobility is located off the first floor of the multi-storey car park, close to a number of disabled car parking bays.