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AnchoRED in Glory

Friends of ANCHOR has placed 20 decorated anchor sculptures around the Aberdeen and the North East to celebrate the charity's 20th anniversary.  In November the anchors will go to auction to raise crucial funds for the charity with every penny raised going directly to the charity’s ‘Dream Big’ campaign.

We are delighted to host the fantastic AnchoRED in Glory anchor, inspired by local artist Ewen's passion for The Dons.

Ewen is a 6ft bundle of creative flair. He lives and works in Aberdeen and harks from the sleepy village of Cove Bay, where anything but sleep is on his agenda. Usually, it’s whatever involves a pen, sketchpad, paintbrush, or more likely, an iPad or Apple-Mac. He’s a multimedia developer by trade but his passion for art and design keeps his eyes open to all things. As any artist should be, he’s open-minded, observant, genuine, and somewhat obsessive about his work.
A proud Dons fan and contributor to the charity since 1999, Ewen eagerly accepted the opportunity to get involved in the 20for20 campaign and was one of the first artists selected to decorate an anchor on behalf of Aberdeen Football Club (AFC) and Aberdeen FC Community Trust (AFCCT).
Ewen’s enthusiasm for the project is evident through the many hours of creativity spent designing the original sculpture shape and painting his design. Furthermore, he has generously opted to donate his artist’s fee and auction bonus to the charity’s Dream Big campaign and give back to the charity which is ‘near and dear’ to him.

Ewen sees his design as a tribute to the club’s past and present ‘glories’ both on and off the field, with a particular acknowledgement of the achievements made by AFCCT.
The inspiration for his strong geometric style is predominantly based on the theme of ‘symmetry’, which signifies relationship, harmony, balance and union - much akin to a family bond as well as the aspirational relationship between AFC/AFCCT and its staff, players and wide ranging support network. Symmetry is also a prominent characteristic of the ‘beautiful game’ – consider the shape of a football, the layout of a football pitch, a pair of football boots as well as teamwork, team formation and countless other aspects of the sport.  
The abstract network of geometrical lines, shapes and imagery is representative of the Club and the Community Trust reaching out and connecting with its network of contributors and beneficiaries, as well as the club’s tremendous array of fans and supporters.

Be sure to share your anchor selfies on social media using with the hashtag #20for20anchor and tag Union Square so we can share your posts.

AnchoRED in Glory


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