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Manager In Training / Key Holder

We have a full time position available for either a Manager in Training or a Key holder.

Manager in Training program is a blended learning, multi week program focused on immersing a manager in all aspects involved in running a multi-million dollar business. Training takes place in store with aspects centered on management, Human Resources, recruiting, store operations, diversity, visual merchandising and providing the best in store experience.

Requirements for this role include a bachelors degree from accredited university, a working Visa and have competent English Language Skills.

The key holder program involves leading a team of associates to ensure all business related aspects of the store are in working order. We are looking for candidates with great communication skills, a strong work ethic, assertiveness, analytical skills and flexibility. The role will involve brand awareness, business understanding, asset protection, multi tasking, training and development whilst leading a team of associates.

The key holder position does not require a degree unlike the manager in training programme.

How To Apply

To apply go to our website :

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