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11/07 - 30/07

Percy Pig turns 25!

This event has expired!

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Tom Ford, Calvin Harris; even Andy Murray admits he eats a bag before he plays a tennis match, but then again, who isn’t a sucker for Percy Pigs? Today, two Percys are enjoyed every second in the UK, which isn’t that surprising when you remember that this porcine pioneer landed the number 11 spot on UK Vogue's hot list in 2008 and has spawned his very own appreciation society on Facebook.

Join us for some major birthday celebrations as Percy turns 25!  The team at Marks and Spencer are hosting a tea party from 20th - 23rd July, 10am - 6.30pm.  Come along for fun & games, colouring in for kids, giveaways, face painting and lots of tasty treats.

Further Info

Want to know his story?

It's 1992 and Percy bursts onto the scene. All we know about him so far is he's an easy-going, positive pig who wants to make lots of friends..

It's 2011, and Percy is now a very well-established face in the sweet world. He manages to make himself even more lovable by creating a vegetarian version of his classic sweets, so even more people can enjoy them.

2013 is a good year for Percy. Not only does he turn 21, but he also meets the love of his life: a sweet and sunny girl called Penny. It doesn't take them very long to make it official, and it's Penny, being the modern woman she is, who pops the question.

In 2014, Percy takes a gap year. His trip takes him through India, where he makes friends with a travelling tiger, all the way to China, where he meets a new panda pal. And what better way to remember his travels than make some sweets in honour of his new friends?

First comes love, then comes marriage and, well, the rest is history. Percy and Penny celebrated the arrival of some very sweet little additions to the family with special packs of mini Percy Piglets.


Marks & Spencer 🐽 💕

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