Union Square

Muffin Break

Opening Times

  1. Mon - Closed
  2. Tue - Closed
  3. Wed - Closed
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  6. Sat - Closed
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Muffin Break is a unique café bakery, straight from Australia, that offers an irresistible combination of quality coffee and freshly baked cakes, slices, quiches, sandwiches, paninis and of course, muffins! Everything is baked and prepared on the premises using quality ingredients, so you can be assured its ‘Always Fresh’. For over 20 years, the Muffin Break team has been serving the world’s best muffins. There are more than 200 flavours in the range, with high fibre, gluten free and low fat varieties available. More than muffins, our bakers use traditional scratch recipes to produce home baked style cakes, slices, cookies and scones too. Muffin Break also carries an extensive savoury range perfect for lunch or a take home dinner, including freshly baked quiches, soups, sandwiches and more. Even the coffee is world class, with a 100% Arabica blend and each coffee prepared by one of our trained baristas - ensuring the perfect cup every time.

01224 586990