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At Union Square we are working with Hammerson to reduce our environmental impact.  Here's what we've been up to so far in 2019:

Roof planting

As soon as the weather started to warm up, the Union Square team started planting 4,200 of sedum seedlings on our roof garden.

Urbanisation has taken and continues taking up most of the green spaces in towns and cities. This in turn reduces the availability of habitats and food sources for the wildlife. Green roofs are not only prettier than ordinary roofs. Apart from benefiting the wildlife and sometimes the wider ecology of the town, roof gardens can help regulate temperature of the surroundings as the plants absorb and re-radiate less heat back to the atmosphere than usual roof surface. Most of the plants are also pollinator species and will provide food source for bees.

Waste coat hangers

Union Square is on a journey to recycle 100% of its waste. One of the challenges on this journey are waste coat hangers that sometimes make their way from our retailers to the bins. These are not recycled by most of the waste companies as they often consist of many different types of low-grade plastics which makes them valueless on the recyclates market.

In April, we managed to secure few local charities that collect our waste coat hangers regularly to use them in their charity shops. Although we are happy to be able to help this way, we know that this is not a final solution to our coat hanger problem, as the capacities of the charity shops are finite. We are therefore open to ideas of how to prevent the coat hangers form ending up in the waste stream. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

E vehicle charging

Our modern car charging stands on the P1 of the multi-storey car park continued to be used frequently by our visitors. In Q2 the chargers provided 5,334 kWh of energy to our visitors which equals a saving of 2,987 kg of carbon dioxide – which is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

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