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Daily Tariff

up to 1 hrs £2.50
2 hrs £3.00
3 hrs £3.50
4 hrs £4.50
5 hrs £6.50
6 hrs £8.00
7 hrs £12.00
24 hrs £16.00

6pm - 4am £1.50 **

**Customers can park for only £1.50 after 6pm.

This rate is applicable to vehicles entering the car park after 6pm and leaving before 4am.

If you enter the car park before 6pm you will qualify for the £1.50 tariff, however, will be charged the normal rate for hours prior to 6pm.

A new daily rate is chargeable from 4am each day.

Additional part days are chargeable each day as per the rates above.  The maximum charge for any 24 hour period is £16.

Lost tickets will be chargeable at the full daily rate of £16.

College Street car parking charges are:
0-2 hrs £2.00
2-3 hrs £3.00
3-4 hrs £4.00
4-5 hrs £5.00
5-6 hrs £6.00
6-7 hrs £10.00
7-24 hrs £15.00
24 hrs+ £15 per day or part day.

6pm - 4am £1.00

Updated 18/01/2016

  • Car Parking - 1,700 Spaces

    There are three car parks at Union Square offering you a total of 1700 car parking spaces. Union Square car parks are easily accessible from Market Street, Palmerston Road and College Street.

    The surface car park is open 24 hours a day. The multi-storey car park is open from 0700 until 30 minutes after the Cinema closes each day. Upon arrival take a ticket and pay at one of the machines located at various points both inside and outside the mall.

    *** A new Pay and Display system is now in operation at College Street Car Park which is open 24 hours a day. ***

    There are 8 electric car charging points are available on Level 1 of the multi-storey car park. These are standard 13A supplies - to operate these simply open the cover and plug in. There is no cost for this service. We cannot guarantee availability of a space at busy times - please call our Control Room on 01224 254300 for further advice.

    There is no charge to park two wheeled vehicles in any of Union Square's car parks.

Parking Charge Notices
It is a condition of parking at Union Square that vehicles are parked in a marked bay in a manner that is considerate to other car park users. Vehicles which are found to be parked in an inconsiderate manner (this being at our sole discretion) may result in vehicle keepers receiving a Penalty Charge Notice. Examples of inconsiderate parking include:
(a) parking in any area that is not a designated, marked parking bay
(b) parking across the marked white line thus taking up two parking spaces
(c) parking in a reserved space
(d) parking in a space allocated for Blue Badge Holders (when not parking in accordance with the Blue Badge Scheme)
(e) parking in a space allocated for parent and child parking (without requiring to be able to demonstrate the need for use of such)
(f) parking in designated walkways
The Penalty Charge Notice cost is £70.  If the Penalty Charge Notice is paid within 14 days this will be reduced to £40.

If the Parking Charge Notice is not paid within 14 days of issue of the notice, Smart Parking Ltd will request the registered keeper’s details from the DVLA for the purposes of recovery of the notice. If the Parking Charge Notice is not paid within 28 days an additional £10 administrative charge will be levied. 

Click here for parking terms and conditions.

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